Opening Doors To a New Horizon

Let us Introduce Ourselves!

The greatness of Europe cannot be described in words or some pictures, it can however be portrayed through the variety of opportunities that present itself.

GO EUROPE is an initiative to connect countries around the world to this beautiful land called Europe.

  • Market and product evaluation, develop ment of options for product/service launch and marketing.
  • Market entry through Greenfield project.

We are with you
every step of the way

You can count on Go-Europe partnership. Quality, technology, service and expertise from around the world allow you to get more from this Initiative. We’re always ready and prepared to be quick and responsive. And we always put the customer first. We help you become more successful by providing competence, dedication, willingness and a fighting spirit.

Go Europe in India

India is a land that is today enriched by a huge talent pool and untapped resource. The Indian partners of GO- EUROPE are proud to present a unique partnership between EUROPE and INDIA. Both Europe and India can benefit from this partnership. Some of the areas that GO EUROPE in INDIA looks to leverage are:

Manpower Sourcing

India has a highly skilled work force in different knowledge domains.

Europe has the required infrastructure and industries in each of these knowledge domains. How ever, there is a dearth in HUMAN RESOURCE.

Go Europe in India looks to source this exotic talent and present them to the different organizations in EUROPE.


Due to the extensive human resource and labour costs, India continues to be a hub for development and service.

Costs can be greatly reduced by European companies by tying up with Indian organizations that partner with GO EUROPE in India.


Taking Indian companies to Europe or European companies to India is a major strength of GO EUROPE in India.

Acquisitions, Mergers are all a part of this initiative.


The markets in both these regions can be tapped by using GO EUROPE in India. Organizations could leverage the contacts and step into the region in a more effective and impactful manner.